Alle podcasts op een rij


Sinds 2015 ben ik met veel regelmaat te gast in diverse Nederlandse podcasts. Ik weet nog dat ik voor mijn debuut bij Eindbazen, super onwetend de trein in stapte naar de studio in Deventer. Werkelijk [...]

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What can we do right NOW? #COVID19


Should everyone go vegan right now? Or slip into deep silent contemplation about life? In this podcast I share my ideas about what we can all do right NOW during COVID-19. Learn more about how [...]

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What can we learn from COVID-19?


As we stepped into this new era, Paul and I sat down at our kitchen table to talk about what we can learn from COVID-19. How do we stay informed and connected in these times, [...]

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Fifty Shades of Green with Saskia Mulder


Saskia is one of the most inspiring women I know, and in this podcast we speak about sustainability, effective communication on this subject, and the importance of fifty shades of green. She recently won the [...]

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